January 11

Use a Lifestyle Management Company to Embrace Change Gracefully

Life Management

Philosophers and thinkers have a lot to say about the role change plays in our lives.

Change is not merely necessary to life – it is life.

Alvin Toffler

Since we all know change is coming, whether we want it to or not, we would be wise to get ready for change when we’re able. Although planning for change may sound counterintuitive, it makes sense to think through our lives five, ten, or fifteen years from now, creating a vision for what we want that life to look like. The truth is, if we embrace the fact that change is a necessary part of life, it can be the first step toward progress—and toward crafting the life we’ve always wanted.

Often, though, we find it difficult to navigate change successfully, especially if we try to figure everything out on our own. During these times of transition, when we have the opportunity to resist change and deny its power in our lives or to invest in ourselves and our future, having an outside perspective is helpful. In these moments, a lifestyle management company can be an invaluable resource for people who are about to embark on a new phase of life and want to seize the day, reimagine who they are, and decide who they want to become.

At a Crossroads? Choose to Invest in Yourself

The best way to plan for change is to acknowledge that there are seasons to our lives, and that our needs and desires evolve as we do.

The dreams you had in your twenties, what you thought your life was going to be like and what you thought would make you happy, is probably very different from the dreams and plans you have now. Most likely your dreams have broadened, deepened, and become more meaningful as you’ve grown up, started a family, and advanced in your career.

Here are just a few ways a concierge can help you invest in yourself and your evolving dreams as you go through seasons of change:

  • Purchasing a new home. Many studies show that buying a new home ranks as one of the top five most stressful experiences in life. Buying a home, or selling your former home, is often an emotional, deeply personal event, bringing up feelings of nostalgia, excitement, and anxiety—which can all take a toll on your ability to enjoy your new place. Let your personal concierge research your new neighborhood, arrange for home services, and transfer utilities and Internet so you can settle in.
  • Getting married. Not only can our concierge services help you plan your dream wedding, we can also help you extend the honeymoon period. After all, who wants to come back home and deal with the day-to-day immediately? Give yourself time to relax with your new spouse and grow into your new life together by letting a personal concierge handle details like organizing Thank You’s for wedding gifts, unpacking, and coordinating with service providers after the wedding. These services can be especially welcome for a newly-married couple in a blended family.
  • Welcoming a new baby. Concierge services make a thoughtful baby shower gift. New moms and moms-to-be are typically stressed by their new responsibilities, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed with information, and anxious to get everything just right. A personal concierge can lighten the load, researching birth options, creating a welcome home checklist, and performing other support services that give new moms comfort and confidence.
  • Changing careers or starting a new business. The first six months to a year of any new career move are make or break. Either you’ll fit into the corporate culture and find your niche, or you’ll be less-than-satisfied with your job. Partnering with a personal concierge makes the transition easier and helps you maintain work-life balance while you’re getting accustomed to your new workflow and your colleagues.
  • Becoming an empty nester. You’ve given so much of your life to your children, and now they’re off starting their own lives and careers. You’re thrilled for them. But what’s next for you? A personal concierge can help you, and your spouse, rediscover the things you love to do together, downsize to a more manageable house, plan a dream vacation, or start a new passion.

Having a competent, trusted partner by your side during major life transitions to help you navigate the what’s next will enable you to think strategically, use change as an opportunity to grow and develop as a person, and create the next version of a life well-lived. Contact Us to schedule your initial consultation.

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