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Full-service lifestyle support to help seniors live fully

Signature Senior Concierge: Make the Most of Today.

Change is challenging for everyone, but especially for seniors, so why let the special senior in your life deal with the stress of managing a rotating stream of faces, personalities, home maintenance tasks, and personal concerns? Their Personal Concierge will ensure a trusted, professionally-appropriate relationship that allows the senior simply to enjoy their life rather than finding themselves challenged by the need to manage it.

Monogram Concierge's Signature Senior Concierge Service offers the special senior in your life a uniquely designated Personal Concierge. While it is not an alternative to necessary medical or non-medical care, it is a full-service lifestyle support option that may be chosen in tandem with care options or independent of them if no personal care is required.

While the following examples are certainly not inclusive of all that your Personal Concierge
may attend to, we trust they will be catalysts for your imagination as you consider
the Signature Senior Concierge Service.

Senior Concierge Services in Greenville, SC


  • Concierge essentials like grocery shopping and errands
  • Managing and providing for the home’s interior and exterior maintenance
  • Engaging cleaning, groundskeeping and specialty gardening services
  • Arranging for interior greenscaping and seasonal floral/holiday decor
  • Overseeing necessary seasonal updates

Social Engagement

  • Administrative assistance with the daily mail
  • Assistance with social correspondence
    • General correspondence and replies
    • Invitations, guest lists, and RSVP’s
    • Card correspondence (birthdays, holidays, get well, events)
  • Management of social/cultural events attendance
    • Event ticket provision
    • Special needs management (seating, hearing impaired services)
    • Concierge parking services
    • Guest invitation and coordination
  • Arrangement of personal services
    • Salon and spa services including the provision of in-home service
    • Club, church, and cultural events calendaring
    • Scheduling and managing personal lunch dates with family and friends
    • Assistance with personal holiday preparation
    • Arranging specialized services such as that of a personal chef or private musician
Social Event Management Concierge Services in Greenville, SC

Quality Assurance

  • Assuring that household providers (maid service, yard crews, skilled professionals) complete their work in a timely, professional manner and that all necessary paperwork (quotes, receipts, etc.) is provided prior to engagement or payment provision
  • Liaising with client-engaged professionals (trust officer, banker, attorney, therapist, minister, etc.) for the provision of client requested services
  • Assisting in the engagement of medical and/or non-medical care providers when needed and providing quality assurance feedback on said providers as requested

Monogram Concierge's Signature Senior Concierge Service is not for every senior, but perhaps it's the perfect next step for you or the special senior in your life.

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