The Personal Concierge service for your everyday tasks.

Concierge Essentials: Focus on What Matters Most.

Spending your precious free time stuck in traffic, taking care of endless obligatory errands, repetitive shopping trips, drop-offs, pickups, deliveries, and all the other minutia of day-to-day living—is this really how you want to spend your life?

Here's a better idea: Monogram Concierge's Essentials package. Every morning, Monday through Friday, one of our team of Personal Concierges will reach out to you with a simple, but life-embracing question: “What can we do for you today?”

Let us handle the tasks that get in the way of everyday life.
Below are a few examples of the things we can do for you.


  • Arrange for and liaise with home maintenance personnel and repairmen
  • Arrange for Fido to enjoy a daily Happy Hour
  • Take care of domestic chores like laundry, kitchen maintenance, and bathroom basics
  • Shop for household needs—groceries, sundries, pet food, toilet paper, furniture polish, vitamins, shoelaces—you name it!


  • Schedule necessary auto maintenance and pickup and deliver your vehicle to and from the mechanic
  • Fill up your gas tank and make sure your window cleaner fluid is topped off
  • Make sure your car maintains its sparkle with a weekly trip to the car wash
  • Schedule a monthly/quarterly onsite auto detailing
  • Arrange for specialty services like upholstery work, rock and hail damage repair, and tire and alignment services


  • Drop off dry cleaning and pick up alterations
  • Take shoes to the repair shop or drop that broken bracelet off at the jewelers
  • Take care of all your gifting needs—ordering, purchasing, picking up, wrapping, and delivering (we've even been known to deliver a few singing telegrams!)
  • Visit or call all of your "favorite" places on your behalf—the DMV, the City/County courthouse, communications providers, event ticket providers, utility companies, the bank and, of course, the grocery

Engage with us—for just one hour a day or up to four hours daily—and let us take care of all your day-to-day essentials while you take care of life.

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