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Uncommon Service

is about being quiet enough to hear beyond what’s being said, and catching what many times isn’t being voiced at all.
It's about communicating with grace, an open mind, a willing heart, and a passion for making life easier for another.

It's a focus on creating beautiful outcomes.

—Joyce Mcabee Founder, Monogram Concierge

About the Founder

Joyce Mcabee

Founder, Monogram Concierge

Focused on creating beautiful outcomes, Monogram Concierge’s founder Joyce McAbee truly gets the concept of service. An entrepreneur by nature, Joyce dipped her toe into many entrepreneurial streams over the years before establishing a 16-year reputation in the senior care industry, a decade as the owner of a successful non-medical senior care company, and six years consulting, helping service providers refine their quality of care. It was through this work she developed a heart not just for seniors, but saw the burden on their children and others who had achieved success in life. She recognized the needed support system to truly live the life they’d worked so hard for so long to build, and created Monogram Concierge to expand the demographic and service offerings.

At every level of organization at Monogram Concierge, the commitment to uncommon service is woven throughout the fabric and at the heart of every offering. Monogram’s team of concierges offer clients unparalleled levels of care, experience, and trustworthiness. Their focus: to help clients create the life they want, reimagine what's possible, and craft beautiful outcomes.

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Meet Our Team

Nicole Clark

Client Services Concierge

• NAPO Member

• Wreath and Floral Arrangement Certified

• ServSafe Certified

• Certified Professional Organizer (In Progress)

The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.

Malcolm Gladwell