Premium Membership Based Concierge Services

Concierge Connect: Live Life Beautifully.

Concierge Connect is Monogram Concierge's premium, membership-based, client services offering. Clients best served by this choice are at a unique place in life: they already live beautifully. We're simply an added layer of ease and luxury in lives where it's fully appreciated.

Concierge Connect members enjoy access to a designated team of Personal Connect Concierges, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and after hours as requested. We revel in the unique requests made by our Connect members and are passionate about exceeding their expectations.

Our premium Concierge Connect membership:
Ease & Elegance for every moment of your life.

Luxury Concierge Services for Events and Vacation Planning


Births, birthdays, rites of passage, graduations, marriages, milestones, and anniversaries—all of life's big events should be celebrated. They mark the moments in our lives that can never be repeated—and should never be forgotten. It's our pleasure to consult with you on every memory-making event in your life and, together, to craft celebrations—from beginning to end—that make you smile every time you remember them.


Vacations, family reunions, meeting the in-laws for the first time, clinching that promotion, or renewing your wedding vows—everywhere there is the opportunity to embrace life's special occasions. We're passionate about planning, organizing, and surprising our Connect clients with well-managed, planned-to-the-last-detail events, experiences, and keepsakes to honor these unique moments in life.

Concierge Services for Special Occasions


Big events and special occasions. They're wonderful, but most of our lives are spent in more mundane, ordinary pursuits—all those essential daily tasks, errands, administrative details, and organizational challenges that are necessities of modern life. Connect clients enjoy a unique concierge experience that releases them from the burden of these kinds of tasks and leaves them free to explore the possibility of turning ordinary days into extraordinary days.

The Concierge Connect Membership is limited and highly exclusive.
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