August 18

Lifestyle Management: Learning to Let Go of Everything That Weighs You Down

Life Management

Using Time-Saving Services Fosters a Sense of Joy and Well-Being

Let’s talk about lifestyle management.

What’s holding you back from living your best life—right now? Perhaps it’s a duty-bound insistence on doing everything yourself, a fear of failure, or the fact that our culture tends to worship and promote a busy, hectic lifestyle rather than a more relaxed one. Lifestyle expectations are slowly shifting as research confirms the toll that stress takes on our health and the ineffectiveness of working long hours with little rest. We’re hearing more about the importance of downtime, mental health days, and recuperation.

Still, many people have trouble letting go of their need to handle everything in-house—and even those who can easily afford to buy themselves some free time are reluctant to do so. At first, letting go can be a difficult, painful process, but the rewards are worth it. More ease, less stress, a healthier work-life balance, and greater productivity can all be achieved when you entrust someone else with your day-to-day tasks.

Emotions and Beliefs that Prevent Us from Letting Go


We live in a DIY culture. There’s a mistaken belief in the United States that real women and real men do it all—clean their own house, mow their own yard, run their own errands, and do their own home repairs. According to advertisements, we’re supposed to be able to work full-time (and be great at our jobs) while still making every school play or baseball game and cooking 5-star meals every night. And then, on the weekends, we’re supposed to tackle big home renovation projects. Many people feel as though reaching out for help makes them a failure.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While a strong work ethic is a good thing, this relentless focus on having it all and doing it all can lead to intense feelings of guilt and inadequacy. It can also cause us to forget that there’s a better way. Delegation works. Not only do we become more productive, focusing on the stuff we’re actually good at, but handing off tasks also makes us feel happier and more fulfilled. A good personal concierge can help you take a step back, calm the chaos, and get a more strategic view of your life.


There’s a fine balance between getting things done the “right” way and getting them done at all. Far too many people struggle with the kind of perfectionism that creates procrastination—avoiding difficult tasks or tasks they despise until they have the time to focus and get it right. If you struggle with perfectionism, you may acknowledge that outside help could be highly beneficial for you and increase your sense of wellbeing, but you fear the loss of control.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything yourself in order to feel involved and in control of your life. Monogram Concierge has personal concierges who are experts at collaboration, partnering with you to get everything done your way and helping you better manage your time so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


We think of this as the: “I have to clean my house before the cleaning service gets here” phenomenon. This way of thinking permeates our culture. We have to lose some weight before we join a gym or buy flattering clothing. We have to cross everything off our To-Do list before we can take a vacation with our family. So many of our new clients tell us that they’ve been thinking about hiring a concierge for months—but they had too many lists to create, documents to get in order, and loose ends to tie up before they could use a service like ours.

Don’t postpone joy—plan on it! If you feel like you need to get your life arranged before you reach out for help, you’re not alone. In our professional experience, everyone has too much on their plate, too many balls in the air, and too many loose ends hanging over their heads. Bringing a lifestyle management company like Monogram Concierge on board early is better than waiting until you’ve gotten a handle on your life. Not only will you get through your list more quickly, but you will also get an outside perspective to help you prioritize.

Privacy and Trust Concerns.

In addition to perfectionism, you may have privacy and trust concerns that keep you from truly partnering with someone who could help you live your best life. Many people think that they’d feel more comfortable with the anonymity of a virtual assistant or some other form of impersonal or online help now available, but they have trouble entrusting their big dreams and life goals to someone else.

However, there are benefits to partnering with a full-service concierge. While virtual assistants may be able to accomplish certain discrete functions or take on a few tasks for you here and there, a personal concierge can help you strategize and fundamentally reimagine your life. Plus, Monogram Concierge fully vets all of our team members so that you know you have someone dependable by your side.

At Monogram Concierge, we do everything we can to make the process of letting go simpler and more comfortable for you. Our professional concierges reach out every morning to find out what you need that day. In addition, they make proactive recommendations and partner with you to figure out which tasks weigh the heaviest on your mind so they can eliminate sources of stress. Most importantly, our concierges do more than manage the life you’re living now—they dream with you and plan for the life that you want to be living.

Take control of your life by learning to let go of everything that’s holding you back and seeking outside help. We believe that doing so will be beneficial to your productivity levels, your lifestyle, and your overall wellbeing. Contact us for a private, no obligation consultation to find out more.      

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