August 13

Don’t Let Predictable Problems Derail Your Life: Hire a Professional Concierge

Life Management

How to Prevent Interruptions That Cause Disruptions

Many who would trust professionals to manage their finances, teach their children, or fix their plumbing don’t consider relying on a professional concierge to manage and simplify their lives.

But why not?

There’s an old joke among realtors and house staging professionals: Most people quickly get to the point where they can’t see their own mess anymore. That’s why they hire a professional to serve as a second set of eyes. To swoop in and stage their home, take photos, and help them put their best face forward as they try to attract potential buyers.

If it’s true that we can’t see the mess in our own homes, how much of this selective blindness occurs in other areas of our lives? If you take a moment to reflect on all of the moving parts and pieces that make up your day-to-day life, you’ll quickly realize that, like everyone else, you have big piles, lots of loose ends, and a full inbox that you’re saving to deal with someday, when you have the time to really focus. Which isn’t necessarily a problem—until it is.

More Than A Concierge Company—A Lifestyle Management Company

Unlike errand services or virtual assistants, our personal and corporate concierges at Monogram Concierge are not just order-takers who merely manage your To-Do List. In fact, we’re far more interested in those items that haven’t made it onto your To-Do List yet. We help you identify potential problems and stressors, heading off issues before they arise, and tackling the nagging details that could bloom into full-grown emergencies if left untended.

Here Are a Few Benefits of Our Broader, Deeper-Focused Concierge Service:

An Ounce of Prevention.

To us, this is the biggest benefit of our services. Proactively managing the items that aren’t on your To-Do List is guaranteed to save you time, money, and stress in the future. One obvious example is auto maintenance. It’s difficult to find the time to schedule regular car care such as oil changes, diagnostic services, tune-ups, or tire rotation—but everyone wishes that they’d had that clanking noise checked out when they’re sitting on the side of the road, missing the big meeting. Your concierge will put your auto maintenance on a schedule, make sure that everything is checked and rechecked in a timely manner, and arrange for a car while your car is being serviced.

There are other, less obvious potential disruptors lurking in our lives as well. That email you’ve been meaning to respond to forever. Scheduled home maintenance. Setting doctor and dentist appointments. Organizing tax and other financial documentation, planning big events, getting holiday shopping done early. These are all things we tend to put off until they become urgent. Stop living in the tyranny of now and get someone on your side who can help you see a bird’s eye view of the life you’re living—and move you toward the life you imagine living.

Get More Done. Get True Peace of Mind.

At Monogram Concierge, our concierges reach out to clients every morning with one simple, elegant question: “What can I do for you today?” This question keeps your immediate needs at the forefront of our conversations and collaboration so that the most pressing issues get dealt with first—but the question also helps us go much further than that. Over time, we get a sense of the scope of your responsibilities and the issues that stress you the most, and we tailor our services to you, specifically, creating exponential value.

In this sense, it’s not about checking equally-weighted items off a list but finding out what makes you tick and what kinds of tasks slow you down more than they should. Imagine all of the things that worry you the most, all the tasks you hate and avoid, everything that weighs you down or runs through your mind the moment your head hits the pillow. Then, imagine every item on that list—handled. That’s what we do.

Save Your Vacation.

If you’re like most people, you know that there are certain things you should be doing that you’re putting off. Many of our clients have told us that they never really enjoyed their vacation until they partnered with Monogram Concierge. They were too busy worrying or feeling guilty about all the things they felt they needed to be doing instead. Even worse, many of the high achievers we work with actually use their vacation time to get caught up at home or in their personal lives. Not only is this practice unhealthy, it’s also ineffective, resulting in vastly diminishing returns. The human brain needs time to rest, reflect, and recuperate in order to be productive. In other words, you desperately need your vacation; don’t squander it!

Interested in finding out more about how a personal or corporate concierge can simplify and enrich your life? Browse our Services, visit our FAQ Page, or Contact Us for a private consultation.

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