September 10

Personal Concierge Services Keep Seniors Socially Connected

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Personal Concierge Services are a powerful resource for busy professionals, working moms, and others who are aiming for better work-life balance while managing their hectic adult years. Monogram Concierge believes that our services can be just as beneficial for clients whose lives have slowed down and become more relaxed, which is why we offer our Signature Senior Service. One of the most important services we offer for seniors is Social Engagement Management, making it easier and more enjoyable for seniors to maintain a social calendar, create meaningful moments, and increase connectedness.

The Importance of Maintaining Social Connections During Our Senior Years

Numerous significant studies confirm the importance of remaining socially connected as we age. It makes sense that social connections would be crucial in our senior years—as children, socialization is how we begin to learn, acquire new skills, and develop emotional depth. As adults, social activity is credited for staving off work-week stress, making us happier, and keeping us more active.

We don’t quit being social creatures just because we’ve hit a certain milestone birthday. In fact, we need social interaction even more during this phase of life to help us fill our time and to keep us healthy. However, despite this greater need, we tend to allow our social circles to diminish as we get older, especially after the loss of a spouse or a lifelong friend. A lack of social activity in our senior years puts us at risk for physical, emotional, and mental health issues brought on by isolation, loneliness, and a feeling of rolelessness.

Benefits of Social Interaction for Seniors

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: increased social connections.

Socially-connected seniors have been demonstrated to have greater longevity, improved cognitive function, and better emotional health compared to seniors who allow their social circles to dwindle. They are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or Major Depressive Disorder because new social connections engage the brain and decrease stress. Social activity also tends to lead to increased physical activity. Socially-connected seniors have a reduced risk for many physical ailments, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. In fact, maintaining social activity has been proven to be a key to aging gracefully and to have health benefits on par with proper diet and nutrition.

However, seniors often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of making new social connections, despite the fact that connectedness and social engagement dramatically increases quality of life for seniors—and even saves lives. This is why Social Engagement Management is one of the core services that Monogram Concierge offers members through our Signature Senior Service. Our dedicated personal concierges take all of the effort out of social engagement, so seniors can experience the joy and the benefits of aging gracefully without the stress.

Top Suggestions for Remaining Socially Active

Monogram Concierge gives new clients a detailed Concierge Checklist to help them get started making the most of their services. Here are a few ways that our Signature Senior Service can make Social Engagement simpler and more rewarding for our clients:

Rediscover Your Role & Invest in Your Interests.

What do you want to do with your life? Right now. What kind of life do you want to be living—in your 60’s, your 70’s, or even your 80’s? Often, senior years are marked by losses, which can create an unmoored, roleless feeling. The kids are gone, living their own lives. You don’t go into the office anymore or have regular, scheduled appointments. So who are you, now that your commitments have decreased?

A personal concierge can help you figure that out. We often tell clients that we’re good at managing daily tasks and errands, but we’re even better at helping you take a step back, look at your life strategically, and reimagine what’s possible. Your senior years are the ideal time to recreate yourself, invest in the things that you want to do, and enjoy life to the fullest—whether that means traveling more, spending time with friends and family, pursuing hobbies, or giving back to the community.

Spend More Quality Time With Grandkids.

It was big news this year. Babysitting grandkids can help grandparents prevent Alzheimer’s. Not that you needed extra reasons to love on your adorable grandbabies—but would you see them more if it were easier and less exhausting? Spending quality time with grandkids is one thing. Gearing up for grandkids, and recovering once they’ve gone back home, is a whole different story.

Let your personal concierge arrange the play dates and make the transition simple and seamless. We’ll stock your pantry with their favorite treats, find fun activities for you to do together, keep up with their gear, repack their bags, and arrange for clean-up after they’ve gone back home. If you need an extra pair of hands while the grandkids are over in order to feel more secure, we can do that, too. Whatever it takes to make the visits joyful and stress-free.

Join a Group or Travel.

Perhaps you want to be more socially-connected, but you’re not even sure where to start. Have you considered joining a senior-focused group? Senior social meetups and senior travel groups provide opportunities to connect over a favorite hobby or during an exciting excursion. Our personal concierges excel at research, strategic thinking, and travel planning—discuss your interests, likes, and dislikes, and your personal concierge will create a tailored list of wide-ranging social groups, clubs, hobbies, and travel opportunities that you’ll enjoy pursuing.  

Your personal concierge can arrange all travel accommodations, purchase tickets, manage your social calendar, send RSVPs, and take care of special needs such as preferred seating or hearing impaired services. Don’t let details stand in the way of doing what you love. Hand the minutiae off to your personal concierge and savor the moment.

Many of our Signature Senior members love giving hospitality. They want to host social events at their homes but don’t want to handle all the fine details. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you used to throw neighborhood-renowned Christmas parties but recently had to give it up. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of hosting your 50th Wedding Anniversary Bash for years but no longer feel up to the task.

That’s where we come in. Monogram Concierge can help you bring social activity back into your home by managing all of your event needs. We can even do personal shopping and arrange for personal care services, including in-home salon and spa services, so that you look and feel your best for your big event.

Social connections contribute to personal health and happiness. Monogram Concierge believes that these profound connections are worth maintaining and nurturing in your senior years. Contact us today to learn more about our Signature Senior Service—and find out how to let us make the effort so you can enjoy the benefits of social connection.

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