January 3

How to Tell a Great Concierge from a Good One

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When you’re hiring a concierge to help you wrap up that To Do List, how do you know when you’ve got a great concierge and not just a good one? It’s important to know the difference—a good concierge can get things done, but a great concierge can offer experiences that light up an otherwise overcast day. Here are six ways that you can tell if your personal concierge makes the cut.  

The Top Six Attributes of a Great Concierge

A Great Concierge Is Professional

Does your concierge show up on time? Is your concierge well-dressed and well-spoken? Do they present themselves professionally? Do you have to think twice about each situation that you send them into or worry that they may make a less-than-favorable impression that comes back to you?

The job of a concierge is multi-faceted, so it’s important that your concierge be able to adapt to whatever situation you need. That means professionalism is a big deal, and one that you—and your concierge—need to pay close attention to.

A Great Concierge Maintains Your Privacy

A concierge has a lot of insight into your life, and the more responsibilities you give them, the more that insight will grow. Eventually, your concierge might have access to your banking or credit card information, addresses, special documents, and more, so it’s vitally important that they know how to respect your privacy and to keep information secure. Monogram Concierge thoroughly pre-screens all applicants, and we make privacy concerns part of the required ongoing professional development for our team.

A great concierge will be able to know what information is worth holding on to (so they don’t have to continually ask you for it), what must remain quiet, what can be shared, and with whom. Without this, and the level of trust it creates between you and your concierge, a solid relationship will be hard to create.

A Great Concierge Listens

Maybe the most important piece, a great concierge knows how to listen, and not just to what is being said, but what is not being said as well. You may have met about planning that special birthday party or holiday event and all of the things that needed to be accomplished, but a great concierge will take your glossy-eyed mention of your mom’s special red velvet cake and make it appear on the menu. A great concierge is not only listening for what you say, they are listening for what you mean, and looking for every way possible to make your wishes come true.

A Great Concierge Goes Above and Beyond

You may have asked your concierge to remind you of your spouse’s birthday, but don’t be surprised when they do that—and a little more. Maybe they’ve worked really hard to find that extra gift that you were sure didn’t exist. Or maybe they’ve scheduled reservations at your favorite—and very exclusive—restaurant a few months ago, to make sure it would be available. Regardless of the situation, a great concierge will look for every opportunity to go above and beyond and to create meaningful experiences for you, all while doing all of the “things” you’ve asked them to do.

A Great Concierge Quickly Becomes Indispensable

Because of this attitude, you will find that a great concierge will quickly become indispensable.  While you may have started out hiring a concierge simply to get more things on your list done, you may quickly find that you begin to rely on them for more and more things—to remind you of important dates, to plan your annual family get-together, or to track down the matching—but discontinued—twin to your child’s favorite (and lost) stuffed animal.

A Great Concierge Only Gives Good Surprises

Sure, it’s the job of your concierge to execute the tasks you need them to do, but along the way, you can also expect a nice surprise once in a while. It could appear in a number of forms—a vase of flowers on the dining room table, a reminder of a special date, or even just a phone call to check in. Whatever the surprises are, they should be delights for your day.

We are always looking for talented, motivated self-starters to join the Monogram Concierge team. If you love working with people and have a positive, upbeat approach to life, Contact Us to learn more about any open positions we may have available, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, take a look at our Concierge Checklist to find out more about what types of services you may be called upon to manage for your clients.

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