November 5

A Hospitality Concierge Will Brighten Your Holiday Season

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When we’re kids, the weeks between Thanksgiving and January 1st feel like the most magical time of the year. We get a break from school, and everywhere we turn family and friends are getting together, hosting big beautiful dinners, and exchanging gifts with each other. Then, we become the parents, and we find out that all that those magical moments don’t just happen—they require a whole lot of work, a ton of planning, and a lot of time investment—when really, all you want is to spend those merry moments celebrating with your family and friends, like you used to.

This year, bring the magic back to your holiday season with a hospitality concierge. Whether you need a little extra help to get through all of your normal holiday routines or you’re looking to make this year bigger than ever, using personal concierge services during November and December will lighten your load, put a spring in your step, and save your sanity.

How a Personal Concierge Can Help This Holiday

Even those who typically feel like they have their lives together can begin to feel out of control during the holidays. Social engagements, work parties, and family get-togethers start to pile up, and you’re expected to accomplish your normal workload while fitting in visits to the mall to see Santa, tree shopping, cooking and baking, home decorating, and present shopping. It’s enough to make anyone feel a little bit of anxiety as the season approaches.

The personal concierges at Monogram Concierge are not only skillful managers of daily details, they are also expert event and party planners, savvy shoppers, and experienced last-minute wish fulfillers. Here are a few of the ways we can help you manage your life and create beautiful outcomes for you this season:

Teacher Gifts. Your son or daughter wants to give a thoughtful teacher gift on the last day of school. Do you really want to spend hours baking mini loaves of banana bread and wrapping them in red cellophane for every teacher or shopping for the right presents? We didn’t think so. Let Monogram’s personal concierges choose gifts that are the perfect blend of thoughtful and practical. All you and your kids have to do is sign your name.

Holiday Cards. While sending physical Christmas Cards or other holiday cards is a dying art, many people would still like to send cards, if they felt they had the time. Plus, everyone appreciates the gesture. Hand off your holiday list and your cards to us, and we’ll get them stuffed, addressed, stamped, and mailed for you. We can arrange the photo session to get your family picture for this year’s cards as well.

Holiday Decorating. Getting your house in shape for the season can be a real chore. Dragging boxes of decorations down from the attic, stringing up lights and garlands, and decking the halls with wreaths and bows. You love how festive your house looks when it’s all spruced up for the holidays. Imagine coming home from work to a beautifully decorated home. While we’re at it, we can get the house cleaned and put dinner on the table, too.

Meal Planning. If you’re hosting a holiday dinner or party, let your personal concierge handle the details, from picking up the perfect wine to having the table set and ready when your guests arrive. We can handle the entire event from start to finish, sending out invitations, managing RSVPs, arranging for a personal chef or caterer to cook, decorating the table, and cleaning up after the party. Or, we can take on a couple of individual tasks to ease your burden—whichever is better for you.

House and Pet Sitting. The holidays often entail overnight travel, whether it’s just for a couple of nights or a longer visit. Your personal concierge can make sure that your home runs smoothly while you’re away by collecting and organizing your mail, keeping up with daily tasks, and giving your pets lots of love and attention. Having a trusted person stay in your home also gives you an added level of protection and security while you’re gone.

Travel Arrangements. Monogram’s concierges excel at vacation planning and travel arrangements. Flights, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, packing lists—even travel kits that give your kids something to do in the car or on the plane. We’ll help you make the journey as relaxing and fun as the destination.

Gift Research and Shopping. Don’t have any idea what to get for everyone on your list? Give us their likes and dislikes (and your budget) and let us do some of the thinking for you—we’ll come back with a range of suggestions that will help you take the guesswork out of gift-giving. We can also call stores to see if they have this year’s hot-ticket toy in stock and go pick it up for you once we’ve found it, or simply go to the store on your behalf to finish your shopping. One benefit of using a personal concierge as a personal shopper this season: you won’t be tempted to splurge or give into impulse purchases if someone else is doing the shopping for you.

Gift Wrapping. Maybe you just love wrapping all of the gifts you’ve bought, but if you’re like most people, you get exhausted by the process. You start strong but, by the end, you’re shoving gifts into bags and cobbling together two different pieces of wrapping paper to cover a large, irregularly-shaped item. Plus, when are you supposed to do all of this wrapping? When the kids finally go to bed for the night? Hand us your boxes and bags and we’ll bring back a beautifully-wrapped pile of presents to put under your tree.

Entertaining Holiday Guests. Maybe you aren’t the ones traveling this year. Maybe family is coming to you. Rely on your personal concierge to get the rooms ready for guests, stock your fridge and bar, and put together a welcome basket for each room. We can even serve as entertainment coordinators, planning and arranging for activities in your town.

Corporate Functions. We’ve focused solely on personal concierge services up to this point, but we can also perform all of these same services at the corporate level as well. You’ve got work to do to finish the Fourth Quarter strong and make your year. Let us find the perfect client appreciation gifts, send out holiday cards for your business, arrange your office Christmas party, and more.

The holiday season is an easy time to get started with Monogram, simply because there is so much to do. For a limited time this holiday season, Monogram Concierge is offering our Merry & Bright Package.

Choose the Merry & Bright Package as a stand-alone service or add it to your existing services. Contact Monogram Concierge for more details.

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