May 15

How to Build Strong Rapport with Your Personal Concierge

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So, you’ve decided to use a personal concierge, but you aren’t sure where to begin or how to get the most out of this service? Or maybe you’ve been using our personal concierge service for a while now and want to make sure you are receiving the maximum benefit to your life.

Monogram Concierge offers an extensive list of services to assist you in taking care of the daily minutia and personal organization in your life so you have more time to devote to the most important aspects of your life—like visiting with loved ones, pursuing your hobbies, writing your memoir, or traveling.

Every Monogram Concierge client is different, as are their needs and the ways they stand to gain from our assistance. While you may recognize some obvious tasks and responsibilities you can relinquish to us, you may not realize other areas where we can be of help. There are steps we can take together to develop a tailored plan that ensures that your Personal Concierge is providing you with the most effective support.

5 Ways to Build Rapport with Your Concierge

Like all relationships, the relationship between client and concierge is richest when both parties invest in building strong rapport. By making time for building a strong relationship with us from the start, we can more effectively identify the best ways to serve you so that you spend less time managing your life and more time living it to its fullest. When we’re in sync with you and your needs, we can begin to solve problems on your behalf before they arise.

Consider these suggestions for helping us get to know you better:

Dear Diary? Well, maybe not a diary exactly.

For a week or so, jot down a note every time you find yourself mired in a task that isn’t how you really want to be spending your time. A pocket-sized notebook works well. Or you can record a series of voice memos on your smartphone. The method isn’t as important as your noticing and logging all the areas where you could use some help.

Maybe you’re bogged down by shipping packages at the post office. Perhaps meeting with home service providers has sucked several hours from your week. You had to cancel lunch with your college roommate to meet with your accountant about taxes. You might be surprised to realize how many little tasks eat away at your time each day, and these may be precisely the kinds of tasks your personal concierge can take off your plate.

Give us a sneak peek at your schedule.

Make sure you are recording your comings and goings each day, as well as your daily tasks and schedule. We all have blind spots. We can be so lulled into our routines, that we don’t always recognize where we are inefficient with our time and energy. Let your personal concierge look over your calendar or daily planner with you so we can be helpful in ways that you haven’t even thought of. You might even consider letting your personal concierge accompany you for a day, getting familiar with your rhythm and responsibilities. This is a great way for us to help you identify those subtle time suckers that make your day less efficient. After all, organization is one of our specialties! We can meet with you and review your calendar and schedule so together, we can identify the most supportive services we can offer you. You’ll be on your way to getting valuable time back in your life in no time.

There’s no place like home.

When you’re comfortable doing so, allow us to come spend a little time with you in your home. The better we know your space and your pace, the more helpful we can be. Visiting your home will reveal to us a lot about who you are and what you value most in life. From there, we can hone in on ways to free up more of your time and attention for those things. In addition, your living space will give us important clues about where you can benefit from assistance with organization or maintaining routine tasks and chores associated with running your home. Alternatively, during our Beautiful Beginnings meeting or at your next meeting with us, walk your personal concierge through your home room by room, explaining what causes you to feel stress, guilt, embarrassment, or anxiety. Those are the things we’ll tackle first!

Celebrate “Bring Your Concierge to Work” Day

Next to your home, your place of employment is probably where you spend a significant chunk of your waking hours. Like your house, your work space can provide valuable insights into where you can use the most support in organizing your time and space, and what tasks there may be that we can take off your hands. We want to make your life better, and that means leaving no stone unturned. Especially the big ones.

A few of your favorite things

What brings you joy? When you look back on your life, what are the ways in which you will want to know you spent the most valuable hours? Know who you are as an individual, couple, or family and keep your priorities at the forefront of your mind. Share those priorities with us, so we know how to help keep you pointed in the right direction. When we know more about the things nearest and dearest to your heart, we can help sift through your tasks and responsibilities and make the things that are less important to you more important to us. In other words, we’ll take care of the things lower on your list of priorities to free you up for the biggies.

The better we at Monogram Concierge know you and your priorities, the better we can serve you. It is our goal to provide you the best Personal Concierge assistance we have to give. By investing in your relationship with us and sharing with us some important details about your home, office, and lifestyle, you play an important role in making the relationship with your Monogram Concierge not just good, but great. Let’s arrange a time soon to get together and start strengthening our concierge-client relationship.

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