February 1

How to Write a Great Love Letter

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We are bombarded with quick “text-ease” that has eclipsed lengthier messages of love and affection. Sure, romantic text messages have their own charm and appeal, but they pale in comparison to the longer, handwritten romantic letters of yesterday. This Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself to compose a handwritten note to your love. The time and effort put into such a letter will speak volumes about your love and commitment—more than roses and chocolates!

Love Letter Tips from Monogram Concierge

If it’s been a while since you’ve written a love letter, don’t worry. Simply follow Monogram Concierge’s tried and true letter writing tips—and remember that, like most things in life, the beauty is in the details.

Start from Scratch.

The best love letters are handwritten, so skip the pre-printed card this year and grab a pen and paper instead.

Be Original.

It is not important that you are the best wordsmith or the most clever poet. What matters is that you share your heart. Choose something uniquely you to share with him, something you love about him that he may not already know. The very moment you knew you loved her. Your favorite item in his wardrobe or the freckles on her cheeks. What makes his laugh special.  

Show Some Vulnerability.

Once you have decided to go to the trouble of writing a love letter, you have already taken on a risk. Now see it through. Say something that puts your heart in her hands. Share a feeling that is daring. Vulnerability with loved ones is endearing and is a sign of strength and trust in a relationship.  

Reminisce. Then Look Forward.

When you’re writing a love letter, try time traveling a bit. Look back and look ahead. What is your favorite memory from the years you’ve spent together? What do you imagine for your future together?

Include a Concrete Memento.

Surprise her by including a memento from a special experience or date with her. Tuck a pressed leaf or flower from that great hike you went on last year into your letter. The ticket stub from your first movie date. Include a sweet note you saved from him, to show him how much it meant to you—and that he doesn’t realize you’ve saved. If she loves your cologne, lightly spritz your note with a conservative, subtle mist.

Perfect Your Presentation.

Now, with your handwritten Valentine in tow, think of a clever way to deliver it that will add an extra layer of surprise. Hide it in his sock drawer or tuck it into his coat pocket. Give it to one of her colleagues to hand deliver to her at work. Tie it to the dog’s collar. Be as creative as you can!

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