January 25

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life and Live Healthier with a Personal Concierge

Life Management

The start of a new year naturally nudges us to consider changes in our lives and lifestyles. While half of all Americans will make New Year’s Resolutions, only about 20% of those will keep them past early February.

Monogram Concierge encourages you to avoid the stereotypical resolutions that, in the end, set you up for failure.  Instead, let us help you identify and incorporate realistic adjustments and changes that will help you get in shape and live a healthier life.

Partnering with Your Personal Concierge for Better Health

While we are not personal trainers, nutritionists, or life coaches, we can meet with you, and together, we can establish goals and changes that will set you on the right path to a happier, healthier you in 2018.

Consider these areas where we can help you:

Healthy Eating: Eating right is fundamental to everything from stronger immunity to increased energy to glowing skin. But preparing healthy, well-balanced meals takes planning and time and can be one of the first things out the window when schedules get crazy. It’s tempting to hit the drive-thru between piano lessons and PTA meetings. Your personal concierge will help you design a menu plan that best suits your family’s lifestyle, health needs, and personal preferences, assist you with grocery shopping, and even make sure meals are hot and ready to serve on your busiest nights so that your family enjoys that critical time together around the table.

General Health: The beginning of the year is a great time to take an inventory of your health and catch up on missed annual tests, evaluations, and physicals. Let us make this goal easier to tackle for you by setting up appointments with your regular physician, OB, and dentist, etc. We can also take care of picking up prescriptions, filing insurance forms, and handling other doctor-related paperwork that can bog you down.

Restorative Sleep: Obviously a good night’s sleep does wonders for your immediate mood, but regular, high-quality sleep is also beneficial to your long-term health.  And a lack of sleep is a big culprit in increasing the risk of obesity. By letting your personal concierge take some of the everyday minutia off your plate as well as help you with other areas that will reduce stress in your life, you will find yourself sleeping better and longer—and maybe even squeezing in an occasional nap while we run your errands.

Exercise: You already know that a regular exercise regimen is important to keeping yourself healthy and fit, and boosting your energy, but maybe you need a little momentum to get yourself started again. If this is an area in which you have fallen behind, your personal concierge can help you determine what form of exercise you enjoy most and are therefore most likely to stick with. In addition, we can find the local exercise facility that best meets your exercise preferences, your schedule, and your budget. We can even take care of setting up memberships and handling recurring payments.

Personal relationships: Did you know that cultivating relationships in your life is an important contributor to your overall health? Strengthening social ties and staying connected to friends and family can even lengthen your life.  By contrast, neglecting social bonds can be just as damaging as obvious unhealthy lifestyle habits like keeping a poor diet, smoking, and drinking alcohol in excess. Monogram Concierge can help you maintain a list of those near and dear to you and can establish a schedule and assist you in setting and keeping social commitments—like lunch with friends, a walk with your sister or neighbor, a movie date with your spouse, parent, or adult child, etc.

Volunteering: This may seem like a surprising addition to our list. After all, you have likely come to us because you already feel overcommitted and busy.  But research shows that those who help others are more content and have a deeper sense of gratitude, both of which are good for your health! Share your thoughts with your personal concierge about your favorite non-profits or community causes, and we can research on your behalf to get you engaged with specific local projects or initiatives. As we help you with managing other everyday tasks, you will find you have more time for this important endeavor.


Not only does addressing these areas of your life improve your health and increase your joy, it plays an important role in reducing your overall stress. Chronic stress has too many negative effects to list here! (Plus, taking steps toward improved health, better sleep, and decreased stress is the best way to tackle those 10 pounds you wanted to lose!!)

The New Year is the ideal time to partner with a personal concierge and carve out time for the things in life that are really important to you. Contact us to get started today!

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