Seven Ways to Bring Serenity to Your Home

Your home is supposed to be a haven. A safe space from the uncertainties of the world. A place where you can put down your burdens and recharge. Given the myriad of events that transpired in the past year, it’s understandable that some people may feel robbed of this safe haven. So upon entering this new year, we’d like to provide a few tips for taking back your home and reclaiming your sanctuary. Here’s a list of ways to bring serenity back to your home:

1. Deodorize & Scent the Air

We don’t often think of the impact of odor, but it plays a huge role in spaces where we spend large amounts of time. If you have pets, try getting the carpets shampooed and keeping odor hotspots (such as litterboxes) away from the general living space. On the flip side, if your home has no odor at all, it’s time to give it a signature scent! This can be achieved through a variety of methods; some that would be especially conducive to a relaxing environment would be essential oil diffusers, incense burners, and candles, all of which are also effective in reducing stress.

2. Neutralize Your Aesthetic

Even if you’re not terribly keen on interior design, the way you model your home can have an impact on your mental state. To promote a calming environment, stick with a neutral color palette using taupes, off-whites, and creams. You can also inundate the space with textiles such as fluffy blankets to further invoke the soft aesthetic.

3. Create a Safe Space Strictly for Relaxation

If revamping your entire home seems like too much of a challenge, then just select one room to dedicate as a stress-free space for relaxation. It can be any room— a bedroom, reading room, etc. Commit to fully converting that space solely for the purpose of promoting serenity.

4. Keep Up With Chores

When we get home from a long day, typically the last thing we want to do is more work in our home. It can be easy to put off washing the dishes or making your bed every day, but then you’ll find yourself coming home to a gradually messier and messier home, which will only add to your stress level. Try to take a few minutes every day for chores; do the dishes, make your bed, clear surfaces of clutter. This way when you are ready to relax, you can do so in a clean space.

5. Freshen up With Some Greenery

Studies have shown that keeping houseplants can have a positive impact on our mental state. Having some green in the home will not only add aesthetic value, certain plants can help purify the air of toxins. And caring for the plants will give you something to focus on and nurture, which is especially valuable in these times.

6. Let in the Sun

Try to maximize on the natural light in your home. Some rooms can be transformed by a mere change in lighting, and allowing in as much natural light as possible can help boost your mood. And for when the sun goes down, opt for yellow-tone lightbulbs that will bring warmth to the room. (This will also work well with the previously mentioned neutral-tone color palettes!)

7. Unplug

Even in standby mode, electronics take up a surprising amount of energy. Rather than wasting that energy, save money on your electric bill and help the environment by unplugging your electronic devices when they aren’t in use. You could also take it a step further by unplugging yourself from your mobile devices. Our phones offer us a valuable connection to the world, but sometimes it’s good to take a break from that constant flow of notifications and just focus on yourself in the moment.


Hopefully this collection of tips will help to bring comfort to your home in a potential time of unrest! We all deserve a sanctuary. And if any of these tasks seem daunting, feel free to reach out to our team of concierges for a hand! We can provide assistance with every one of the tips given above, whether it’s taking care of some of the chores or assisting in the redesign of a room. We would love to help in your journey to a serene home!

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