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How a Concierge Can Help You Have the Best Christmas Ever!

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I’m Dreaming of a Monogram Christmas

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie

Christmas is a funny thing. No matter how aged or bittered the mind, it’s somehow softened by this season of the year. It’s a magical time that awakens the child in all of us. 

And this year, Christmas is a necessity. With the year we’ve had thus far, the world could use a little more love, a little more child-like wonder. The coming season provides us with an opportunity to end 2020 gracefully. Decorated cookies, twinkling lights, carols, and a spirit of giving may not be a cure-all to the past year’s ailments, but they certainly can’t hurt.

So how can you have the best, most peaceful holiday season ever?  Hire a personal concierge! Here are just a few of the ways a personal concierge can help make this Christmas a befitting close-out to 2020:


Getting the decorations up is one of the most exciting heralds of the holidays, but it can be quite tedious to unearth all the boxes from storage, open and unwrap precious ornaments and family keepsakes, clean ornaments, and update seasonal holiday décor.  A personal concierge can successfully manage all those tasks on your behalf!

Don’t forget the tree either!  From the tree skirt to the last festive bauble at the tip of the tree, a personal concierge can make the process of getting the tree up (or taking it down, post-season) an easy and efficient process.  Whether you’re a stickler for an authentic live tree, or you prefer the convenience of synthetic branches, your personal concierge will make sure it gets decorated in all its glittering glory.


While certainly not the focus of this season, gift-giving is undoubtedly an important and fun part of the experience. Boy, oh boy, is there a lot to it!  There’s the list-making, the online research, the local shopping, the wrapping…you know the drill!  A personal concierge can help at every step!  We love to shop, to source boxes, gift wrap & tape, to spend a few extra minutes getting that hard-to-wrap gift to look amazing – heck, we don’t even mind standing in line at the post office or managing holiday traffic!   

Need a place to hide your gifts?  Rather than dump them in a closet and hope they aren’t discovered, why not entrust them to us? We can safekeep them at our office and deliver them to you (or directly to the recipient!) when the time is right.


Cleaning:  it’s a pesky task, indeed, but necessary nonetheless. To accommodate guests and family (even grouchy ol’ Uncle Herman!), you’ll want a clean home now more than ever. Your personal concierge can easily take care of that for you. From preparing the guest room, to clearing unwanted clutter, to cleaning out the fridge to make room for all those holiday leftovers, your personal concierge will ensure that your home is neat, organized, and ready to go for the season!

Event Planning

One of the more stressful chores of the season is handling all the different events that will be transpiring. Save yourself the headache!  Allow your personal concierge to plan your holiday events!  From a simple family get together to an elaborate formal dinner party, your personal concierge will make sure that everything is arranged!  All you’ll have to worry about is getting another glass of Christmas punch!

Crunch Time

As the weeks go by and Christmas draws nearer, every errand, no matter how small, will appear daunting. No need to fret!  Give your personal concierge your list and let her manage the details.  Forget a gift?  Call your concierge.  Need something picked up across town?  Call your concierge.  It’s the middle of the Christmas season and the dog needs to go to the vet?  Call your concierge.  You’ve got guests coming over…unexpectedly…tonight!  Call your concierge.  It’s crunch time – your personal concierge’s favorite time of year!


Remember to take care of yourself. The holiday season needn’t be a stressful time.  Be careful of over-extending and be mindful that it’s okay to say “no, thank you” to invitations and opportunities that don’t hold value for you.  Enjoy time with friends and family and take pleasure in the joys of the season!  As you celebrate this wonderful holiday season, remember to exercise caution and celebrate responsibly. For tips on how best to enjoy the holiday in the context of COVID, please follow this link:

Wishing you the happiest of holidays! Call Monogram Concierge today for all your concierge needs, (864) 283-6770 or contact us via email.

We are here for you!

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