March 10

6 Reasons to Get Help at Home

Life Management

We are a society that is constantly on the go. Everyone has an infinitely expanding to-do list. No sooner do we complete one task than another takes its place. Free time is a rare commodity! Our lives are structured around our “to do” lists and our homes – places that should provide respite as well as shelter – are instead places that overwhelm us because of all the “stuff” we have to deal with – stuff that needs to be cleaned, repaired, returned, kept up with, updated, donated, stored, and organized! No wonder we’re tired and overwhelmed.

It’s time to hit the brakes and get some help at home! Here are 6 ways that working with a personal concierge and having help at home will give you your life back – and help you enjoy it to boot!

1. You’ll regain your personal time (remember that?)

Easily the biggest benefit of working with a personal concierge and getting some domestic help is the time you will get back as a result. Whether your concierge runs errands for you, watches the kids, cleans the house, organizes the garage, manages the laundry, or preps tonight’s dinner, every task they complete is an item you can scratch off your to-do list – and precious personal time that you’ve just regained. We don’t need the latest survey to tell us what we already know – that personal free time is in short supply (oh, really!?). Hiring a personal concierge is a smart way to gain back time that would otherwise be lost to routine domestic tasks and endless errands. In today’s busy world, it just makes sense.

2. You’ll find focus

Even before the catastrophe that was 2020, stress levels for the average American were on the rise…and then came Covid and a year overflowing with tension-filled newscasts, never-before-in-history workplaces changes, disrupted school schedules, health concerns, economic concerns, and political disrest…to name just a few. Focus? You’re kidding, right? If we managed to get the kids picked up or dropped off where they were supposed to be, get ourselves to work (at the kitchen table – say what?), and then slide a frozen pizza into the oven for dinner – well, that was a good day. Focus? We know how you feel, but focus is so important to our mental health and to our sense of wellbeing. Without focus – on the things that are most important to us – we feel (dare we say it?) – a little crazy and a whole lot overwhelmed!

Having a personal concierge to help out at home affords you the opportunity to delegate all the things in your life that don’t require your personal attention (like folding the laundry or running to Target to get hand soap or scrubbing the potatoes for dinner) – so you can focus on what you – and only you – can do better than anyone else in the world – be a good spouse, provide a loving environment for your kids, spend a few extra minutes on the phone with your mom. Life is not about doing; it’s about being – and that takes focus. Hire a personal concierge and find your focus again.

3. You’ll enjoy your home

Here are some words to consider: clean, organized, efficient, peaceful, pretty. That’s the description of a happy home; of a home that you love coming home to – of a home you enjoy. If you can’t describe your home that way, we have an easy solution: call us! (Told you it would be easy!) Seriously, working with a personal concierge is such a smart solution. There is power (you know there is!) in a home that’s clutter free and flower-filled, the inviting smell of dinner at the end of the day, and that houses its inhabitants in a peaceful environment.

4. You’ll improve your social life (that means you’ll have more fun!)

With a little bit more free time, a little bit more focus, and a little bit more order on the domestic front, guess what? You’ll probably find that you’re having way more fun – woohoo! A cuddle on the couch rather than a quarrel about the laundry spilled all over it is a much better way to ensure a happy evening at home. And surely you have something better to do on Saturday night than another round of binge watching…like inviting friends over (to your clean, organized home); enjoying a candle-lit date night with your sweetie at your (clutter-free) dining room table – or having a game night (food all prepped!) with a couple of your besties maybe? See how having help at home can help you have more fun?

5. You’ll get more (of what you want) done

Ever put off a trip to the DMV, getting your car serviced, or taking back an item you need to return? Ever delayed getting the dog to the vet for his annual shots? Ever leave your mail untended until the pile falls over one day and bruises your foot? Ever leave your poor plants for so long that they look like small brown trees instead of bright green houseplants? It’s called procrastination and it happens when a) we’re dealing with things we don’t want to deal with, or b) when we’re too darned tired or stressed to deal with anything! Do yourself a favor: hire a personal concierge, delegate what you hate to do or what you simply don’t have time to do and – problem solved – no more procrastination! Hey, a personal concierge can’t help you get rid of all of your bad habits, but this is one we can crush!

In this hurry-hurry culture, it’s easy for us to become swept away into the current of our busy lives. For many, it may seem they’ve been operating in “survival mode”—just coping. But there can be so much more to life than that! Hiring domestic help may seem simple, but the benefits can truly change your life!

6. You’ll be able to breathe better… literally

It’s easy to find yourself operating in survival mode – just managing to cope through another day. That’s no way to live! Hiring a personal concierge and having help at home means that someone has your back. You don’t have to spend your free time running around picking up the house (we’ll have it all done when you get home) or picking up something for dinner (prepped and in the fridge!); you can stay focused on what matters to you, not on household chores and repairs (the concierge will nix the chores & meet the repairman so you don’t have to). You? You can just be you. You can relax, you can have fun…you can breathe. That’s a great place to be in life.


At a loss for where to start with getting help at home? Start with a personal concierge! At Monogram Concierge we love helping our clients gain control of their homes – and their lives. Call and ask about our complimentary “Beautiful Beginnings” consultation.

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