April 30

4 Reasons Why the Mom in Your Life Will Love Having a Personal Concierge

Life Management

1. There are some things the mom in your life simply doesn’t like doing.

Moms are wonderful people and they often go about their days moving from one task to another with a kind of quiet grace that we could all learn a thing or two from (thank you mom!), but we can guarantee you that the mom in your life has tasks sprinkled throughout her day that she absolutely hates! She has tasks that she truly doesn’t enjoy and, in a perfect world, wouldn’t get near with a ten-foot pole. Give mom that perfect world: give her a gift certificate for the services of a Personal Concierge and let her find out how wonderful it is to be free of the dull, repetitive tasks that steal her time and dull the joy in her days.

2. There are some things she’d welcome advice on or assistance with.

We know, we know – the moms in our life are brilliant! Women are amazing – they know and are good at so many different things. However, there are some areas where their brilliance dulls a little and where they would really value getting the feedback and assistance of someone else. Enter their Personal Concierge! At Monogram Concierge, we are an all-female team of women who love helping other women shine! If organizing just isn’t your mom’s thing, if she’d value a little assistance with meal prep and menu planning for your family, if she hates calling repair persons or vendors for quotes on home projects, or if she just dislikes talking to the auto mechanic or dealership representative, we’ve got her covered! Her Personal Concierge can take care of these tasks and many, many more.

3. She’d really value some free, “me”, time.

The moms in our lives are busy, productive women. Often, they have full time jobs, are volunteers with their children’s schools, are active in philanthropic endeavors in the community, and are mainstays in their houses of worship. They help their children with their homework, cook meals, take care of the laundry, get the family pets to the vet and groomers, manage household vendors, and – for a great many of them – take care of aging parents! Believe us when we tell you that the mom in your life would really value some free, “me” time! That’s just a what her Personal Concierge can provide for her! Her concierge can take care of some of the roughly 28.5 hours a week that the average American woman spends doing unpaid labor. WOW – almost 29 hours a week! The mom in your life would love having a little of that time back for herself every week, believe us! Give her the gift of Personal Concierge service.

4. She’d appreciate a truly thoughtful gift.

The moms in our lives are wonderful at accepting the gifts we offer – from the homemade paper plate projects the littlest of us share with her to the shiny, glittery objects that those closest to her adorn her with, to the flowers that are ubiquitous to the holiday, but welcome nonetheless. The moms in our lives deserve all the wonderful, thoughtful love we can bestow on them. This year, in addition to whatever else you are showering mom with, why not give her the most thoughtful gift ever – the one that says “mom, your time is the greatest gift you can give to me and mine…here’s a gift that will give you more of it.” Hire a Personal Concierge from Monogram Concierge and give your mom the best gift she’s ever received!

We’re happy to hear from you and glad to work with you to make this Mother’s Day the best mom has ever had!

In fact, we’re hosting a Mother’s Day giveaway on social media! One winner will get an assorted basket of pastries/goodies from BakeRoom, a Monogram Concierge service gift certificate, and a bouquet of flowers. You can enter on Facebook and/or Instagram!



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