6 Reasons to Get Help at Home

We are a society that is constantly on the go. Everyone has an infinitely expanding to-do list. No sooner do we complete one task than another takes its place. Free time is a rare commodity! Our lives are structured around our “to do” lists and our homes – places that should provide respite as well as shelter – are instead places that overwhelm us because of all the “stuff” we have to deal with – stuff that needs to be cleaned, repaired, returned, kept up with, updated, donated, stored, and organized! No wonder we’re tired and overwhelmed.

It’s time to hit the brakes and get some help at home! Here are 6 ways that working with a personal concierge and having help at home will give you your life back – and help you enjoy it to boot!

1. You’ll regain your personal time (remember that?)

Easily the biggest benefit of working with a personal concierge and getting some domestic help is the time you will get back as a result. Whether your concierge runs errands for you, watches the kids, cleans the house, organizes the garage, manages the laundry, or preps tonight’s dinner, every task they complete is an item you can scratch off your to-do list – and precious personal time that you’ve just regained. We don’t need the latest survey to tell us what we already know – that personal free time is in short supply (oh, really!?). Hiring a personal concierge is a smart way to gain back time that would otherwise be lost to routine domestic tasks and endless errands. In today’s busy world, it just makes sense.

2. You’ll find focus

Even before the catastrophe that was 2020, stress levels for the average American were on the rise…and then came Covid and a year overflowing with tension-filled newscasts, never-before-in-history workplaces changes, disrupted school schedules, health concerns, economic concerns, and political disrest…to name just a few. Focus? You’re kidding, right? If we managed to get the kids picked up or dropped off where they were supposed to be, get ourselves to work (at the kitchen table – say what?), and then slide a frozen pizza into the oven for dinner – well, that was a good day. Focus? We know how you feel, but focus is so important to our mental health and to our sense of wellbeing. Without focus – on the things that are most important to us – we feel (dare we say it?) – a little crazy and a whole lot overwhelmed!

Having a personal concierge to help out at home affords you the opportunity to delegate all the things in your life that don’t require your personal attention (like folding the laundry or running to Target to get hand soap or scrubbing the potatoes for dinner) – so you can focus on what you – and only you – can do better than anyone else in the world – be a good spouse, provide a loving environment for your kids, spend a few extra minutes on the phone with your mom. Life is not about doing; it’s about being – and that takes focus. Hire a personal concierge and find your focus again.

3. You’ll enjoy your home

Here are some words to consider: clean, organized, efficient, peaceful, pretty. That’s the description of a happy home; of a home that you love coming home to – of a home you enjoy. If you can’t describe your home that way, we have an easy solution: call us! (Told you it would be easy!) Seriously, working with a personal concierge is such a smart solution. There is power (you know there is!) in a home that’s clutter free and flower-filled, the inviting smell of dinner at the end of the day, and that houses its inhabitants in a peaceful environment.

4. You’ll improve your social life (that means you’ll have more fun!)

With a little bit more free time, a little bit more focus, and a little bit more order on the domestic front, guess what? You’ll probably find that you’re having way more fun – woohoo! A cuddle on the couch rather than a quarrel about the laundry spilled all over it is a much better way to ensure a happy evening at home. And surely you have something better to do on Saturday night than another round of binge watching…like inviting friends over (to your clean, organized home); enjoying a candle-lit date night with your sweetie at your (clutter-free) dining room table – or having a game night (food all prepped!) with a couple of your besties maybe? See how having help at home can help you have more fun?

5. You’ll get more (of what you want) done

Ever put off a trip to the DMV, getting your car serviced, or taking back an item you need to return? Ever delayed getting the dog to the vet for his annual shots? Ever leave your mail untended until the pile falls over one day and bruises your foot? Ever leave your poor plants for so long that they look like small brown trees instead of bright green houseplants? It’s called procrastination and it happens when a) we’re dealing with things we don’t want to deal with, or b) when we’re too darned tired or stressed to deal with anything! Do yourself a favor: hire a personal concierge, delegate what you hate to do or what you simply don’t have time to do and – problem solved – no more procrastination! Hey, a personal concierge can’t help you get rid of all of your bad habits, but this is one we can crush!

In this hurry-hurry culture, it’s easy for us to become swept away into the current of our busy lives. For many, it may seem they’ve been operating in “survival mode”—just coping. But there can be so much more to life than that! Hiring domestic help may seem simple, but the benefits can truly change your life!

6. You’ll be able to breathe better… literally

It’s easy to find yourself operating in survival mode – just managing to cope through another day. That’s no way to live! Hiring a personal concierge and having help at home means that someone has your back. You don’t have to spend your free time running around picking up the house (we’ll have it all done when you get home) or picking up something for dinner (prepped and in the fridge!); you can stay focused on what matters to you, not on household chores and repairs (the concierge will nix the chores & meet the repairman so you don’t have to). You? You can just be you. You can relax, you can have fun…you can breathe. That’s a great place to be in life.


At a loss for where to start with getting help at home? Start with a personal concierge! At Monogram Concierge we love helping our clients gain control of their homes – and their lives. Call and ask about our complimentary “Beautiful Beginnings” consultation.

Call Monogram Concierge today for all your concierge needs, (864) 283-6770, or contact us via email at: info@monogramconcierge.com

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Interview with Your Carolina

Our founder Joyce was interviewed recently by Megan Heidlberg on Your Carolina! Joyce had so much fun talking to Megan.

If you’ve been wondering about what we do, this is a great way to find out more. 💜 Follow the link to watch the interview!


A Little Extra Help From Monogram Concierge

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Starting 2021 On the Right Foot

The Holidays have arrived! A time of cheer that is sorely needed in this shell-shocked world. A moment to think not of what we have lost, but what we still have. 

Although Christmas claims the lion’s share of the holiday season, it is quickly followed by an event that is every bit as momentous— New Year’s. In many cultures, this is the most significant and celebrated holiday of the year, and for good reason!

The Significance of a New Year

Technically speaking, New Year’s is just another day, however humans all over the globe assign great meaning to it. It’s a time in which we can take pride in our accomplishments, let go of our failures, and warmly welcome the possibilities of the future.

And in terms of festivities, what typically comes to mind is fireworks, parties, countdowns, and of course, the making of New Year’s resolutions.


Ah, New Year’s resolutions! Something everyone hates to love and loves to hate. Humorously regarded as futile and irreconcilably connected to procrastination, it seems often times that New Year’s resolutions serve simply to highlight our lack of commitment.

But resolutions can be so much more than that! Approached in the right way, you can make your New Year’s dreams and aspirations come true, and we can tell you how—

  1. Think small and make simple lifestyle changes. The biggest step in creating a successful resolution is to downsize! Think of small changes you can make to your daily life, which will add up in the end and amount to significant change.
  2. Rather than setting a bunch of brand new resolutions, focus on finishing the projects you already have going on. Often times when making resolutions, we get a little too trigger-happy in coming up with all of these changes we want in our lives. We bite off more than we can chew and as a result, these unrealistic goals never reach fruition. So instead of overloading your plate with a whole bunch of shiny new goals, take stock of the goals you have in progress, and focus instead on renewing your commitment to them. Think of what measures you can take to gain ground in achieving them.
  3. Take a moment to pause and reflect. The brief and strange twilight between Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to look back on the past 365 days, reevaluate where you stand in life, what your goals are, and who you want to become.
  4. Why wait until the 1st? Waiting until the first week of January to enact all of these new goals can be far too overwhelming. Go ahead and get started with incorporating these changes into your life, so that by the time the New Year rolls around, it will be easier to make the full transition.
  5. Orient your goals not around what you want to have or achieve, but around how you want to feel. People often choose New Year’s resolutions that include material gains or exterior changes. But in order to truly appreciate these things, you must make things right with yourself first. For example, rather than thinking, “I want to lose weight and become thin” focus instead on changing your perspective to, “I want to become as healthy as I can be and learn to be comfortable in my own skin.”

Our Suggestions For Bite-Sized Resolutions

  1. Create a fool-proof and concrete positive goal by planning something to look forward to. It could be a relaxing weekend getaway or just watching the premiere of the new season of your favorite show; so long as it is something that is easily achievable and will bring you joy. Often times the new year can stir up anxieties about the chaos and unpredictability of life, so creating things you have control over can help curb that. 
  2. Go for a daily walk, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Get outside in the fresh air and the vitamin D. Not only is it good for your body, it’s good for your mind. Daily walks are proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. 
  3. Cut at least one unhealthy thing out of your diet… OR add one new healthy thing to eat regularly. In terms of diet goals, it’s important to remain realistic and know your personal limits. Don’t push yourself to begin a whole new diet and exercise regimen all at once! Small steps are the beginning to a long and successful journey. 
  4. Purge your closet. If it hasn’t been worn in over a year, it’s time for it to go! The act of cleaning out your closet can be oddly therapeutic. It mirrors letting go of your baggage, beginning a new chapter, and making room for more additions to your life. 
  5. Clear out your pantry and fridge. There’s bound to be a stray can of something from 2012 hiding in the back! Much like with purging your closet, clearing out your kitchen can also help to clear your mind and will provide you a clean canvas for the new year. 
  6. Create a weekly or monthly budget. Now this is one of the more difficult of the listed resolutions. It can be extremely difficult to remember to keep up with a budget in the midst of a busy life. But if you can utilize a user-friendly app just to keep somewhat on top of things, you will be thanking yourself later!


It’s important to celebrate the New Year; to take a moment to look back on our lives and all the progress that we’ve made as well as map out a path for the future. And it’s equally important to remember that we humans aren’t made to carry huge loads. It can be all too easy to take on too much and become overwhelmed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make progress! With the right plan and a little bit of determination, you’ll be just fine. 

And if ever you have a doubt in your mind that you’ve overloaded yourself, call your concierge! We at Monogram Concierge are here to help when you feel the burden of daily life weighing too heavily. 

Call us today for all your concierge needs at (864) 283-6770 or contact us via email.

We are here for you!

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How a Concierge Can Help You Have the Best Christmas Ever!

I’m Dreaming of a Monogram Christmas

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie

Christmas is a funny thing. No matter how aged or bittered the mind, it’s somehow softened by this season of the year. It’s a magical time that awakens the child in all of us. 

And this year, Christmas is a necessity. With the year we’ve had thus far, the world could use a little more love, a little more child-like wonder. The coming season provides us with an opportunity to end 2020 gracefully. Decorated cookies, twinkling lights, carols, and a spirit of giving may not be a cure-all to the past year’s ailments, but they certainly can’t hurt.

So how can you have the best, most peaceful holiday season ever?  Hire a personal concierge! Here are just a few of the ways a personal concierge can help make this Christmas a befitting close-out to 2020:


Getting the decorations up is one of the most exciting heralds of the holidays, but it can be quite tedious to unearth all the boxes from storage, open and unwrap precious ornaments and family keepsakes, clean ornaments, and update seasonal holiday décor.  A personal concierge can successfully manage all those tasks on your behalf!

Don’t forget the tree either!  From the tree skirt to the last festive bauble at the tip of the tree, a personal concierge can make the process of getting the tree up (or taking it down, post-season) an easy and efficient process.  Whether you’re a stickler for an authentic live tree, or you prefer the convenience of synthetic branches, your personal concierge will make sure it gets decorated in all its glittering glory.


While certainly not the focus of this season, gift-giving is undoubtedly an important and fun part of the experience. Boy, oh boy, is there a lot to it!  There’s the list-making, the online research, the local shopping, the wrapping…you know the drill!  A personal concierge can help at every step!  We love to shop, to source boxes, gift wrap & tape, to spend a few extra minutes getting that hard-to-wrap gift to look amazing – heck, we don’t even mind standing in line at the post office or managing holiday traffic!   

Need a place to hide your gifts?  Rather than dump them in a closet and hope they aren’t discovered, why not entrust them to us? We can safekeep them at our office and deliver them to you (or directly to the recipient!) when the time is right.


Cleaning:  it’s a pesky task, indeed, but necessary nonetheless. To accommodate guests and family (even grouchy ol’ Uncle Herman!), you’ll want a clean home now more than ever. Your personal concierge can easily take care of that for you. From preparing the guest room, to clearing unwanted clutter, to cleaning out the fridge to make room for all those holiday leftovers, your personal concierge will ensure that your home is neat, organized, and ready to go for the season!

Event Planning

One of the more stressful chores of the season is handling all the different events that will be transpiring. Save yourself the headache!  Allow your personal concierge to plan your holiday events!  From a simple family get together to an elaborate formal dinner party, your personal concierge will make sure that everything is arranged!  All you’ll have to worry about is getting another glass of Christmas punch!

Crunch Time

As the weeks go by and Christmas draws nearer, every errand, no matter how small, will appear daunting. No need to fret!  Give your personal concierge your list and let her manage the details.  Forget a gift?  Call your concierge.  Need something picked up across town?  Call your concierge.  It’s the middle of the Christmas season and the dog needs to go to the vet?  Call your concierge.  You’ve got guests coming over…unexpectedly…tonight!  Call your concierge.  It’s crunch time – your personal concierge’s favorite time of year!


Remember to take care of yourself. The holiday season needn’t be a stressful time.  Be careful of over-extending and be mindful that it’s okay to say “no, thank you” to invitations and opportunities that don’t hold value for you.  Enjoy time with friends and family and take pleasure in the joys of the season!  As you celebrate this wonderful holiday season, remember to exercise caution and celebrate responsibly. For tips on how best to enjoy the holiday in the context of COVID, please follow this link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html

Wishing you the happiest of holidays! Call Monogram Concierge today for all your concierge needs, (864) 283-6770 or contact us via email.

We are here for you!

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The Benefits of Organizing Your Home Before the Holiday Season

Fall is here and we may have only just set out the jack-o-lanterns, but already it’s nearly time to start decking the halls! 

The holidays are approaching, and although three months may seem like a long time, it is three months full of festivities that will make the time fly. Before you know it, it will be December and you won’t even have started your Holiday season shopping! The holidays are a time for laughter, family tradition, wonder, and enjoyment. If you’re not careful, it can also become the most chaotic and stressful time of the year! There will be decorations to put out, flights to book, guests to prepare for, meals to cook; it certainly is one of the busiest times of the year.  

Allow us to impart some suggestions that can keep the holidays stress-free.  

It’s time to purge! 

We’ve already established that there are a mountain of things to do in anticipation of the holidays.  Starting off with a clutter-free home will better prepare you for the oncoming hustle and bustle. It will give you the perfect launching ground for completing your holiday to-do list as well as provide you a clean slate, both physically and mentally.  

Throughout the year, we tend to accumulate a lot of…well…stuff. This is especially true during the Holiday season. The house gets littered with boxes and wrapping materials, the kids’ new toys overflow from just about everywhere, large family gatherings generate large messes, and there’s just no time to clean! 

If, however, you take the time to organize and downsize before the holidays even arrive, you will have the extra space needed to accommodate new gifts, and there will be less to clean, which means more time to just enjoy yourself. Not only that, but decorating will be far easier if the shelves are already empty! 

Apart from all that, you will just have some more breathing room. Having a cluttered house is stressful and the holidays are stressful. Combining the two can be too much to handle! It’s simple but having a clean home will truly improve your mental state and allow you to better enjoy the festivities and the company of your loved ones. 

But where to begin? De-cluttering your home is never a bad idea, but it can be quite time consuming and tedious. As such, it is an often actively avoided chore. But if you go about it the right way, you can manage to complete the task as painlessly as possible. And the rewards will be well worth it! 

1. To begin, draft a plan.

Visualize what you want your house to look like and write up some steps to get you to that point. Even if you don’t really use the plan much while you are working, the act of making it helps to get you in the right headspace.  

And understand that this is not a simple project that can be completed in one afternoon. If you make that mistake, you will be setting yourself up for failure. It will take more time than you think and it may be more emotional than you realize. And if that is what you are afraid of, then simply take your time. If you are having a hard time letting something go, allow yourself to reminisce and feel the emotion; perhaps even take a picture of the item so that you will always have a way to remember it. 

2. Divide the project into bite-size pieces

Try to tackle small pieces of the project even if it’s just 30 minutes a day. This will ensure that you don’t overwhelm yourself and become disheartened into giving up.  

When sorting items, ask yourself: 

  • Does anyone use it regularly?
  • Is it broken?
  • Does anyone want it?
  • Can it be thrown away immediately? 

These basic questions will be a huge help in the process of getting rid of things. 

3. Try to avoid adding more storage

Try to avoid things like buying more bins and shelves. In the end, this will just take up even more space. Focus instead on reclaiming the storage space you already have. Remember, the goal is to reduce, not to expand. 

4. Don’t get too carried away

Don’t get carried away in arbitrarily throwing things away. It can be extremely difficult for some people to let things go. This is especially true for children, who will be very reluctant to part with any of their toys. The holidays are exciting for children and they know that they will be receiving new toys in the near future so they may be more receptive to letting go of some of their old ones. 

Furthermore, you can take this time and create a learning opportunity. By sorting through things with your children, you can impart to them the message that happiness is not contingent upon material possessions. And what better time for that message than the Holiday season? 

5. Now, what to do with all of this stuff?

There are a few options; if the items are in decent condition, they could be sold and the money could help relieve some of the financial burden of buying gifts. If, however, you are not in need of the money, consider instead donating the items to charity so that they can bring joy to others. As for the items that are in poor condition, they can be thrown away and/or recycled.  

Preparing for the holidays need not be a time full of headaches and anxiety. With a little preemptive thinking, this Holiday season can be the best one yet! And if you still have doubts, give your personal concierge a call! Whether it’s helping to create a plan, assisting with the sorting of items, or the disposal/donation/selling of items, we are happy to help!

Call us today for all your concierge needs, (864) 283-6770 or contact us via email. We are here for you! 

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Five Ways to Celebrate Your Independence Amidst a Pandemic

Independence day is upon us; a day traditionally reserved to honor our history and celebrate our freedom as Americans. While every other year, this holiday would be met with festivals, parties, concerts,  and firework displays, this year things are a little different.

The coronavirus is still on the rise and as long as that is the case, we must be vigilant. The CDC encourages everyone to stay at home as much as possible. Unfortunately, that means many much-anticipated events have been called off.

In a time when public events are canceled left and right, social gatherings are risky, and everyone has been forced to uproot their routine, freedom seems like a luxury that is in short supply.

This year, Independence Day is especially symbolic; we can all appreciate like never before the value of freedom. So to mark the occasion, we have compiled a list of ways to celebrate without compromising your safety.


Do your kids miss the parades and grand festivals? One way you can help fill the void is by turning your home into a patriotic party venue. To take it a step further, purchase some extra decorations and let the kids go to town on their bikes, then have your own mini parade on your street or driveway. Afterwards, a contest can be held to determine the best decorations.

And what kind of festival would it be without food? Whip up some red white and blue cupcakes and fire up the grill for a cookout! 

For a special treat, how about some homemade ice cream? If you’ve got an ice cream machine, so much the better, but you can also make it without! And to add to the fun, throw in some blueberries and strawberries, or a few drops of food dye for a delicious 4th of July Sundae! See the bottom of the page for a quick and tasty recipe!

And for an easy and affordable interactive light show, buy some sparklers and glow sticks to top off the night.


We might not be able to attend the huge annual firework display in town, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own pyrotechnics. 

If you have a fire pit at home, light it up, and have a campfire. And to keep with the theme of the holiday, get some color-changing logs, or campfire color changing packets. Add them and watch your fire dance from color to color as you roast marshmallows.

Inevitably, there will be those who want a bigger boom. If that’s the case for you, then first you’ll need to check your local regulations! Depending on what they dictate, visit your local Fire Marshall approved fireworks store, load up on some firepower, and take a front-row seat to your own display. Remember though, many injuries occur during this time of year as a result of self-done firework displays so be sure you have a wide space to work with and take every caution necessary to keep everyone safe. For more information about how to safely set off your own fireworks, follow this link to view Greenville’s guidelines:https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2020/06/26/fireworks-at-home-part-independence-day-but-they-have-risks-heres-how-stay-safe/3244321001/


Social gatherings need to be orchestrated with caution, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them! Plan a party for a small gathering of friends/family. Just be sure to take some precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety!

Here are some key points to take into account when planning your party (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):

  • Predetermine how many guests will be attending (keeping in mind the space needed for social distancing)
  • Let your guests know that you will be taking certain precautionary measures
  • Stock up on some hand sanitizer and wipes
  • Decide on a time limit for the party so that you will have time to clean up and sanitize afterward
  • Request that everyone wear a face mask
  • Avoid sharing food and utensils and opt for pre-packaged portions of food, carry out, or BYO

For the full article detailing how to safely throw a party, follow this link:https://www.jsonline.com/story/life/food/2020/06/29/fourth-july-parties-milwaukee-event-organizers-offer-safety-tips/3223533001/

If you have the space for it, you can turn your party into a tailgate! This will help reinforce social distancing and members can bring their own food, drinks, and utensils easily. Alternatively, you can rent a party boat! Check with your concierge to see about boat rentals.


Are local fireworks display canceled, and you can’t set off your own fireworks? Livestream a firework display with your family! Several different firework displays from around the country are scheduled to be live-streamed and available on multiple different platforms. Options include the Macy’s fireworks, which will stream on NBC, as well as Youtube, the Washington DC fireworks, which will be available for viewing on PBS, and Disney’s 4th of July Fireworks Special, which will be streamed on Youtube. And several concerts are set to be streamed as well! For a list of streaming options, follow this link: https://stylecaster.com/4th-of-july-fireworks-live-stream/

Alternatively, you can watch a patriotic movie with your family. The popular musical Hamilton, by Lin Manuel-Miranda, will become available to stream on Disney+ on July 3rd. To amplify the event, project the movie onto the side of a house or garage door and invite your neighbors over for a viewing party! (Keeping a 6ft distance, of course.)


Greenville has several different events still planned for the holiday, including scavenger hunting on Paris Mountain, a Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, and the 4th of July Celebration at Whitewater Center. For a more detailed list including dates, times, and fees, follow this link: https://kiddingaroundgreenville.com/fireworks-july-4th

Afraid you won’t have the time to prepare everything? Enlist your concierge to help! They can assist with purchasing groceries/decorations/fireworks, food preparation, planning activities, researching local guidelines for fireworks, decorating, and more. Get in touch with your concierge to see how they can lighten the load so that you can just enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!

Call us today for all your concierge needs. 

(864) 283-6770 or contact us via email

We are here for you!

See below for the ice cream recipe! 

ICE CREAM RECIPE (via https://barefeetinthekitchen.com/homemade-ice-cream-recipe/ )

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The Benefits of Pet Daycare

With the Greenville community reopening, many of us are returning to our day jobs.  If you are a dog owner, you’re faced with those big eyes begging you to stay home and the guilt of leaving your precious pooch at home alone all day. The good news is that doggie daycares are opening back up!

Daycare can help relieve your pet’s boredom and separation anxiety. When left alone for more than a few hours, our pets can become bored and anxious. This can lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing, excessive barking, or accidents. Daycare can help combat this by providing companionship and healthy doggie stimulation.

Dogs are also creatures of habit and enjoy a regular routine. Daycare can help create and maintain a daily routine of playtime and walks – extremely important activities for your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.

A daycare is also a great way to keep your dog social. Dogs are by nature pack animals, so it is important to keep them socially active. They need to be able to interact with new dogs and humans in a safe environment. Your dog needs plenty of loving attention, affection, and stimulation — but it can be hard to provide that at the end of a long workday.  A good daycare is a great option,  providing a safe place for your dog to encounter a variety of new people & situations and learn how to handle them under the care of professionals – professionals who are as obsessed with your dog’s care and happiness as you are.

Additionally, doggie daycares provide a safe environment for your dog to get all their excess energy out.  A tired dog is a happy dog!   At the end of the workday, you can pick up a  well-cared-for dog that is as tired as you are and ready to just snuggle up on the couch with you!

Sold on the idea? Here are a few of our favorite doggie daycares in Greenville.

Dog Culture 

Dog Culture is locally owned by two dog lovers, Megan and Steve Mussman. They created Dog Culture to provide a unique and fun dog enrichment facility to cater to the dog owners of Greenville. They call themselves the Montessori School for doggies. Your dog will have a daily schedule consisting of playtime with friends, outdoor fun, puzzles, and naps. The dogs are divided into groups based on size, age, social activity, and temperament. They are always supervised by fully trained staff members that have undergone both dog behavior training as well as CPR training. And if you have any worries you can check up on your dog at any time through their webcams.

Reedy Rover

The owner, Madison Perry, wanted to create a daycare that really prioritized the mental and physical health of the pets they care for. Reedy Rover’s staff engages the dogs with personal attention, structure, mental stimulation, and playtime with others. They group the dogs based on size, play style, and personality. Your dog will enjoy ample socialization and playtime both inside and outside as well as a well-deserved nap time.

Pet Paradise  

The Greenville location of Pet Paradise is a state-of-the-art facility with bone-shaped swimming pools, kiddie pools, and splash pads. Your pup will have jungle gyms and endless toys to play with. The dogs are grouped by size and activity level and all playtimes are supervised. You can watch your dog throughout the day via webcam and you even get a Lil’ Camper Report Card to show off how well your dog did during playtime.


Doggie daycare is a surprisingly affordable option that can tremendously improve the quality of your dog’s life.  The cost of daycare averages about $20-35 a day.  Half-day rates are often available as well as seasonal discount packages.  Even a few visits a week to a good doggie daycare can lead to a more well-balanced, well-mannered, and happy dog!  Get peace of mind and enjoy your workday stress-free knowing your precious pooch is well cared for at one of Greenville’s many reputable doggie daycares!

At Monogram Concierge, your personal concierge is always available to help!  Your concierge can research the best doggie daycare options for your particular dog, get daycare quotes so you can stay within your budget, handle the daycare application paperwork, and even accompany your dog to the initial “meet and greet” session at daycare!

After finding the perfect doggie daycare fit, your concierge can help with those early morning drop-offs and evening pickups as well.  Call your concierge today and come home from work to a healthy & happy pooch!

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15 Momisms I Wish I’d Paid Attention To Sooner.

Moms are smart people! They’ve lived life to the full and gained a lot of wisdom along the way. If we’re lucky, they pass a little of that wisdom along to us in the form of “momisms” – pithy phrases and oft-repeated reminders of how to live with intelligence and grace. Here are 15 momisms from my own wonderful mom. Maybe you’ll recognize them – or even learn a thing or two!

1. Never close your mind.

I love how open-minded my mom is! She’s taught me that an open mind is a doorway to love and understanding. We don’t have to agree with people, we don’t have to like the choices they make, and we certainly don’t have to follow their path – but the least we can do is hear them out, listen to their point of view, and see if there is some way to connect with them. Never close your mind; keep it open to all life has to offer.

2. Feel free to change your mind.

It’s not a sign of weakness to change your mind; it’s a sign that you’re learning, that you’re gaining some wisdom along the way. Believe strongly and act fearlessly, but don’t be afraid to change your mind; a different path or a different process might be the smartest way forward.

3. Bloom where you are planted.

The soil your roots are buried in may be rocky and depleted and the mud you’re currently slopping your way through may feel like you’ll always be in the dark…but it’s not true. In time, you’ll break through and bloom. The key? Keep leaning towards the sunshine.

4. Never carry a handbag that costs more in dollars than you can easily and always carry as extra cash in your wallet.

It’s understandable: we want to look like we’ve got it altogether, but it’s much smarter to actually have it all together. Be honest with yourself and only buy what you can afford. It’s a simple truth, but one that merits repeating.

5. Tip generously.

Waiting on other people is hard and often thankless work. It’s also work that many of us wouldn’t want to do or wouldn’t do well. Be kind to the person serving you. Let your waiter or waitress know how much you appreciate them; tip generously. (I love that my mom taught me this!)

6. Yes, you can.

Self-doubt is normal, but this simple momism – “yes, you can” – has pushed me past it many times. Sometimes, the difference between success and failure is just knowing that someone believes in you. How many times has your mom pushed you just a little bit harder, a little bit further than you thought you could go? It’s that little bit that makes all the difference. (Thanks mom.)

7. Help others.


8. There’s a difference between your needs and your wants.

Learn to identify it. Act on it. Repeat.

9. There are three things every kid needs to learn.

How to read (thank you, mom, for hours and hours of Cubby Bear and Curious George), how to swim, (I was not the easiest of students) and how to be kind to others (I think I’m doing all right with this one, mom). There is so much more that mom taught me and that I’ve learned along the way, but that “how to be kind to others?” That’s the key.

10. Everybody sugars their tea differently.

We are all unique and we all take pleasure in and value our personal uniqueness; that’s a perfectly normal and healthy attitude, but it’s also important to remember that no one is better or worse than you; we are all just different one from another. Value your uniqueness but honor the other guy too. (Got it mom!)

11. Keep your heart open to love.

Bad things may happen to you along the way, but love, especially self-love, will see you through – and there is always a way through. You may not see it today, you may not see it tomorrow, but if you’ll keep your heart open to love, love will show itself and the way will be made clear.

12. Patience is a virtue.

There are loads of times when this momism has been repeated to me (and no doubt will be many more times) – and, wow, do I hate hearing it – why can’t I just have what I want right now! In some ways, we stay children, don’t we? Thank goodness for our moms who keep reminding us, all along the way, that “to everything, there is a season.”

13. Put some money aside for a rainy day.

It’s a guarantee: at some point, financial skies will get cloudy. Your rainy-day fund will help you stay calm and peaceful during the storm.

14. Just get on with it.

I usually heard (and occasionally still do) this momism when I was complaining about something or other. In case you don’t already know, it’s not smart to complain to your mother about anything…at least not to my mother. She’ll listen, very quietly, very attentively, and you will think that she completely understands your whining, sniveling, point of view and is going to take your side, when, wham(!), she lays it on you: quit your complaining and just get on with it. (If you are about to complain to my mom, remember that you have been forewarned!).

15. Listen to your mother; she knows best.

Having argued this point many times in my life, and often to my chagrin, I can completely attest to the truth of this momism. You may disagree with your mom, but at least listen to what she has to say. Mine has proven herself quietly brilliant more times than I can count. Listen to your mother; she really does know best.

I’m lucky, I know; my life has been full of wonderful momisms. I’m thankful for every one of them. Mom’s words of wisdom have helped me through numerous scrapes – physical, financial, emotional – you name it. They’ve kept me from leaping over ledges into too-risky territory that would have left me scarred, they have supported me when life didn’t feel so worthwhile, and they have given me hope over and over and over again. Life is full of wisdom to be learned, but none better than the momisms we are blessed to be guided by.

What’s your favorite momism?



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4 Reasons Why the Mom in Your Life Will Love Having a Personal Concierge

1. There are some things the mom in your life simply doesn’t like doing.

Moms are wonderful people and they often go about their days moving from one task to another with a kind of quiet grace that we could all learn a thing or two from (thank you mom!), but we can guarantee you that the mom in your life has tasks sprinkled throughout her day that she absolutely hates! She has tasks that she truly doesn’t enjoy and, in a perfect world, wouldn’t get near with a ten-foot pole. Give mom that perfect world: give her a gift certificate for the services of a Personal Concierge and let her find out how wonderful it is to be free of the dull, repetitive tasks that steal her time and dull the joy in her days.

2. There are some things she’d welcome advice on or assistance with.

We know, we know – the moms in our life are brilliant! Women are amazing – they know and are good at so many different things. However, there are some areas where their brilliance dulls a little and where they would really value getting the feedback and assistance of someone else. Enter their Personal Concierge! At Monogram Concierge, we are an all-female team of women who love helping other women shine! If organizing just isn’t your mom’s thing, if she’d value a little assistance with meal prep and menu planning for your family, if she hates calling repair persons or vendors for quotes on home projects, or if she just dislikes talking to the auto mechanic or dealership representative, we’ve got her covered! Her Personal Concierge can take care of these tasks and many, many more.

3. She’d really value some free, “me”, time.

The moms in our lives are busy, productive women. Often, they have full time jobs, are volunteers with their children’s schools, are active in philanthropic endeavors in the community, and are mainstays in their houses of worship. They help their children with their homework, cook meals, take care of the laundry, get the family pets to the vet and groomers, manage household vendors, and – for a great many of them – take care of aging parents! Believe us when we tell you that the mom in your life would really value some free, “me” time! That’s just a what her Personal Concierge can provide for her! Her concierge can take care of some of the roughly 28.5 hours a week that the average American woman spends doing unpaid labor. WOW – almost 29 hours a week! The mom in your life would love having a little of that time back for herself every week, believe us! Give her the gift of Personal Concierge service.

4. She’d appreciate a truly thoughtful gift.

The moms in our lives are wonderful at accepting the gifts we offer – from the homemade paper plate projects the littlest of us share with her to the shiny, glittery objects that those closest to her adorn her with, to the flowers that are ubiquitous to the holiday, but welcome nonetheless. The moms in our lives deserve all the wonderful, thoughtful love we can bestow on them. This year, in addition to whatever else you are showering mom with, why not give her the most thoughtful gift ever – the one that says “mom, your time is the greatest gift you can give to me and mine…here’s a gift that will give you more of it.” Hire a Personal Concierge from Monogram Concierge and give your mom the best gift she’s ever received!

We’re happy to hear from you and glad to work with you to make this Mother’s Day the best mom has ever had!

In fact, we’re hosting a Mother’s Day giveaway on social media! One winner will get an assorted basket of pastries/goodies from BakeRoom, a Monogram Concierge service gift certificate, and a bouquet of flowers. You can enter on Facebook and/or Instagram!



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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Serene

1. Make your bed.

Off all the things you can do to create serenity in your home, this is the most important.  Our bedrooms house not just our bodies, but our spirits.  Keeping this most intimate of spaces serene is important to our mental wellbeing.  The bed takes up the largest amount of visual space in the room, functioning either as an ugly eyesore or as a picture of serenity. It takes, on average, less than 4 minutes to make even the most complicated of beds.  Make your bed.  It will make your home – and your life – more serene.

2. Clear the largest flat surface in every room.

In the dining room, it’s probably the dinner table; in the living room, it may be the coffee table or the dresser or armoire on which the television sits.  In the kitchen, perhaps it’s the island or the countertop surrounding the stove and sink.  Every home is different, but the largest flat surface in each room is easily identifiable whether you live in a tiny home or a multi-floored mansion.  Clear those surfaces!  We’re not talking football fields worth of space, we’re speaking about relatively small amounts of surface space…but space that is oh-so-serene when it’s clear of the detritus and clutter of our daily lives.  Take one room at a time and clear the largest flat surface in the room.

3. Place eye candy on the surfaces you just cleared.

Once you’ve cleared the largest flat surface in a room, take a moment to add a bit of eye candy to the surface…with the focus on a “bit of” eye candy.  Remember, the goal is to create a serene look, not to re-clutter the space.  Choose just one, maybe 2, things to put back on a surface – focusing on things that enhance your sense of calm and wellbeing.  In the dining room, perhaps you’ll place a vase of just cut beautiful pink and white dogwood branches in the center; on the kitchen island, perhaps a bowl of seasonal fruits or just a beautiful empty bowl whose shape, form, or history pleases you.  On the bathroom counter, maybe you’ll simply leave the surface empty, but put out fresh, pretty soaps or a new bottle of hand lotion that has a pretty label.  Creating serene space isn’t about what you remove from the space; it’s about what you choose to put back in it.  Choose mindfully; choose what truly pleases you.

4. If it’s full, empty it.

This is such a simple serenity-creating concept, but one that’s often completely ignored at home:  if it’s full, empty it.  Full things no longer afford us access to them; they are no longer of value to us.  They are simply full.  If the sink is full, we can’t wash out our favorite coffee cup or fill the teapot for our morning brew.  If the trash if overflowing, we’re left standing above the can frustrated and needing to deal with things we no longer value; if the laundry hamper is packed to its limit, control – if just for a moment – is rested from us and we know stress instead.  Make your life at home simpler and more serene:  if it’s full, empty it.

5. Clean your mirrors.

Mirrors are important to the serenity of our homes!  They are the eyes of our homes, our truthtellers, our imaginations – our lives – reflected.  They deserve – we deserve – to have them be as clean and clear as possible.  What is reflected to us in our mirrors may make us happy, it may anger or irritate us, it may make known to us our desire for something new or different.  Whatever else a mirror does, it tells the truth.  If we will take a moment to really look into and at what a mirror is reflecting to us, what it’s telling us and how we feel about that, we can use that knowledge to make our lives better, more serene, more our own.  Take a few minutes to clean the mirrors in your home.  Now, take a good look.

6. Open a window (or two or three).

Homes are living, breathing spaces and just as people do, they need fresh air and the stimulation it brings to an environment.  Open a window or two and let the outside world in for just a few minutes every day.  If you’ll pay attention, you’ll hear birdsong, a branch creaking in the wind, a car driving too fast down the street, the radio in your mail person’s van blaring out old 80’s rock and roll…whatever you hear, you engage with the world in a different way when you open yourself to what’s going on outside.  Your home will benefit too:  musty odors, the leftover tinge of burnt food from the pan you left too long on the stove last night, the smell of your daughter’s overuse of her cherry-scented cologne, the odor of your significant other’s athletic equipment?  All, out the window.

7. Decorate your primary entry door.

Your primary entry door isn’t necessarily your front door; it’s the door that you and your family most often use.  It may be a side door or the door from the garage into the laundry room, or the door from the basement to the kitchen.  The actual door doesn’t matter; what matters is that you enter it every day.  Make it welcoming.  Put up a seasonal wreath or a traditional holiday-themed decorative element if that’s what makes your spirit sing, but don’t hesitate to go a non-traditional route either:  stick a small bulletin board up and leave kind messages for your family or put up a new motivational quote every day, highlight your family mantra, or put up a riddle for the kids.  Doors are natural transitioning elements in a home.  Sometimes, when we are transitioning from work to home or from the outside to the inside or from school to home, we need a little something to help make the transition successful.  Your primary entry door can do just that.  Put a little thought into how you can make it meaningful and unique for your family.

Creating a serene home isn’t a complicated process, but it does take time, thought, and energy.  If you could use some help making your home as clutter-free, organized, and serene as possible, call us.  We are a personal concierge firm and we love helping our clients live as beautifully, and as serenely, as possible.



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